Listen here and listen well! We might not have been monstrously active in the social media domain for the past few months, but that is about to change

Why and how? It’s simple – we want to keep you in the loop with our current state of affairs, and we are planning to do this on a weekly basis from now on! Beforehand, of course, to get all of you up to speed, let’s tell you a thing or two about what we are up to right now and what has been going on in GameLab this September.

As you know, here at GameLab we work on a project – basis.

So, who are the culprits working on these projects? 18 brave students, hailing from the fields of Creative Media and Game Technology and Applied Psychology from Saxion, as well as the ROC students, who are undergoing the Game Developer course. The future virtuosos have started working hard on their projects, which feature a VR simulation game for JARABEE, a rehabilitation game for Roessingh R&D, and a health game for MST. Which concludes 3 groups of students working on their designated project until February 2020. In the course of the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to every group and their respective project in more detail, so do stay tuned!

Whats Next!

Second order of business, of course, is management. GameLab is founded on the principles of intrinsic motivation and there are many people that make this foundation a great one but… Where are we without management anyway, right? We will be introducing a change in the management roster starting this October.

Following Adam’s departure from GameLab, we will be welcoming Wouter van Kooten as a new addition to our board of directors! Wouter has always worked closely within GameLab’s projects and events, and we will benefit greatly from his expertise in business finance and risk management. Welcome, Wouter! Hooray!

To wrap this charming announcement up, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram to keep track of the projects we are working on, dive deeper into the daily life at the office and have a few laughs with us, as well as get some in-depth perks on what our plans are. So, do make sure you follow us!