A tour through Connect-U


Who are we?

We are Potato Powered Studio – “Play, Connect and Empower”.
We believe in the importance of games that are not only enjoyable, but that also connects people and empowers them to take action and make a change in the world. Our studio name comes from the ever so versatile potato. Because much like a potato, our team is flexible and adaptable to whatever the goal at hand is!
Our team consists of 5 primary members: 2 designers, 2 programmers and an artist, all under the guidance of Francis Grashuis. Additionally, we are assisted by an art director and an audio director.

Our team

Francis Grashuis – Project Leader
Ivy van Delden – Visual Artist
Jelle Steinmann – General Designer
Leonard Valentin – Gameplay Programmer
Lukman Al-Busaidi – Programmer
Max Sherwood – Art Director
Nicolle Louiza – Team Lead & General Designer
Titus Drissen – Audio Director

About the Assignment

Xior, the real estate company that owns the Connect-U building where GameLab Oost is situated, has requested an interactive application or game that will function as a promotional piece for the Connect-U building and the different communities within. In which the collaboration between students, entrepreneurs and professionals is highlighted. The goal is to showcase that students and start-up creatives can build themselves and grow as professionals within the Connect-U: where living, learning, working, and meeting likeminded professionals is possible under one roof.
With this goal in mind, our team has decided to create a 4-stage narrative-based puzzle game under the placeholder name: “Project M”. Each stage contains its own unique mini game. Throughout the narrative, the player will get an overview of what facilities are within the Connect-U, the career opportunities, and other offers that Connect-U provides. The game will be free for download through the App Store and Play Store for both Android and Apple mobile devices.

Project M

As a new student moving into the Connect-U, you are welcomed by your neighbour Kris who offers to give you a tour of the Connect-U, where you will be having some of your classes and studying from now on. She shows you the different leisure and networking areas where you can connect with other students and professionals to further build your network. She also takes you on a tour of the different facilities and labs that are within the Connect-U. Lastly, she introduces you to the different companies and job opportunities that are situated in the building. Here, you will meet Roberto, a senior web developer who has his own company within Connect-U. Roberto spots your talent and decides to put it to the test! At the end of the tour, you’re exhausted but excited for what your future holds. You go back to your dorm and get ready for this new chapter in your life.

Mini games

The four stages containing their own mini games can be divided into four respective categories:

Living: Arranging objects of different shapes into a predefined space within a time limit.
Education: Clicking the correct objects before they disappear within a time limit.
Meeting: Connecting two objects with lines without the lines intersecting within a time limit.
Business: Drawing prompt – Drawing as many of the assigned subjects within a time frame.


Stay tuned for an update on our progress!